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cellairis rapture® full moon case for apple iphone 5 - black/white

Cellairis Rapture® Full Moon Case for Apple iPhone 5 - Black/White

Item #: 42-0051047


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Get ready for the one-two punch! One…Two…PUNCH! Hey, you were warned. Feast your eyes on the Rapture Elite Full Moon. A two line of defense that includes an inner silicone core to absorb shocks from bumps and drops and an exterior polycarbonate shell that protects from cuts, scrapes, bruises and potential knockouts.


  • A hard polycarbonate outer shell
  • Soft and smooth inner silicone skin
  • The silicone skin special coating allows users to slide in and out of your pocket without lint adhering to it
  • Complete access to all ports and functions

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October 9, 2012

I returned my iPhone 5 Otterbox Commuter case at the mall and stumbled upon Cellairis.  I figured I'd stop by and see if they had any Speck Candyshell cases.  Well, they didn't (well not for my new phone), however they had this case.  

I was skeptical at first since I had never really heard about or purchased from this kiosk before.  The guy working there suggested I take a look at the Cellairis brand case that is kind of the same idea as the Speck Candyshell or Otterbox, so I humored him.  Well, it turns out this thing feels great, looks great, and doesn't add too much heft to the phone.  I'm glad I gave this case (and place) a shot as I'm really happy with this case.  It's definitely well made and looks great. I highly suggest at least checking this case out.