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About Us!
Our History

Abridged Version

Cellairis - History
Taki Skouras, Co-Founder & CEO

“In 2001 Jaime, Joseph and I took our garage-born idea and opened our first Cellairis store, in Atlanta, GA, if you can call a stool and a stand a store. But our phone cases were innovative, fashion-forward even, and that caught on pretty quickly. In fact, just to keep up, we opened our second store 30 days later. People liked our decked out accessories and cases and we liked helping them fix their broken phones and protect their fixed phones. So here we are, the largest franchised wireless accessory and repair company in the world. And here’s my phone case.”

Our Philosophy

For The Most Part

Cellairis - Philosophy
Joseph Brown, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

“This is my phone. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Yet, it’s more than my phone. It’s my lifeline, and we’re betting you feel the same way about yours. In fact, we already did, 17 years ago and every day since. The investment has paid off, with exponential growth to our company, not to mention our reputation. Actually I will mention it. People trust the name Cellairis, to fix their phones and devices the right way at the right price and in the nick of time. And they trust no visit to a Cellairis is going to be a wasted trip when they’re looking for the perfect way to accessorize their phones. Here’s how I’ve accessorized mine.”

Where We Are


Cellairis - Where We Are
Jaime Brown, Co-Founder & Chief Franchise Officer

“Where are we? We’re where you are. It’s more convenient that way. We’re not only an international company with a global footprint, we’re in your malls, in your Walmarts and in storefronts adjoined to other stores you were already heading to. And when you tell us you need your phone fixed fast or a phone case that expresses who you are—we’re with you. Here’s the case that expresses me, today anyway.”


The Cellairis Way Continues To Gain Momentum, through our franchisees and our employees.

What We Do

More or less

Cellairis - What We Do
Isani Imtyaz, Franchisee

“We’ll repair it. We’ll flair it. We’ll inspect it. We’ll protect it. We have all the accessories and even some extraordinaries. When you’re done with your device, we’ll even buy it back from you. And we offer great warranties, just for good measure. Can you tell I love owning my own Cellairis?”

What To Expect

No Exceptions

Cellairis - What To Expect
Cierra Coates, Certified Technician

“Expect to have your time respected, and your trust respected. Expect your needs to be met and your expectations to be exceeded. Expect your phone to be treated like my own and cared for with my all.”

Who's With Us

Ballpark figure

Cellairis - Who Is With Us
Keara McCassy, Customer Service

“I never knew how much I depended on my phone until the day I dropped it while jogging. Well I think I must’ve set a personal best running to Cellairis. They call it phone repair but they may as well call it life repair, because I was lost without it, and whole again just 45 minutes later thanks to Cellairis. As far as I’m concerned the Cellairis Way is the only way.”

Our History

Interested In More Of Our Story?


WHEN AUTISM TOUCHED CELLAIRIS we knew we had to raise our voice.

This is more than an issue we support. It’s an issue we live with everyday. Since learning that his nephew at the age of 2 was diagnosed with autism, Cellairis co-founder and CEO Taki Skouras adopted a mission that had nothing to do with device repairs and accessories. Today, Cellairis continues its partnership with Autism Speaks to advance research, intervention, understanding and acceptance.

You too can make sure your support for Autism Speaks is heard, by visiting Autism Speaks to make your donation.

DONATE TODAY Autism Speaks
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