How much do our customers love us?

    Annie R

    First time here and love the experience! Everyone is super friendly and nice. They were very knowledgeable and knew what we needed and got to it right away. The technician fixed my phone which was beyond repair, but it looks BRAND new...!!! Thank you so much!!!

    Sean A

    Excellent customer service and very knowledgeable technician. My daughter smashed her phone and I had another company try to fix the phone but they could not. The technician brought the phone back from the dead. Bought the warranty break for the future and a case. Also made a very cool custom case for my son's phone. I highly recommend Cellairis.

    Matt F

    They have replaced the screen on my sons iPhone, three times. They are always fast, and pleasure to work with. Now if he could just fix my son, and stop him from cracking his glass, we'd be in business!!!!