Limited Warranty for

“The Cellairis Bundle”

Samsung Business Enterprise Program

WHAT IS THIS DOCUMENT: All Cellairis branded product comes with a limited warranty and for more information about the terms and conditions of that warranty please visit . This document describes the terms and conditions for the “Limited Warranty” that You will receive when The Cellairis Bundle is installed onto Your Device, and You have provided Us the required information for registration of The Cellairis Bundle. You should keep this document, as it may be helpful in the event there is ever an issue.

OTHER VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION : You must maintain the Device as recommended by the manufacturer’s owner’s manual or product warranty. There are no deductibles that apply to this program. This document does not replace the manufacturer’s warranty for Your Device. Unauthorized repair of the Device under this document may void the manufacturer’s warranty.


(1) “We”, “Us” and “Our” means Global Cellular, Inc., located at 6485 Shiloh Road, Building B-100, Alpharetta, Georgia 30005, which is the company that manufacturers the products that are included within The Cellairis Bundle and is providing this Limited Warranty.

(2) “You” and “Your” mean the employee or contractor for whom The Cellairis Bundle was purchased for and installed on the Device or any persons to whom the Device was transferred to during the term of the Limited Warranty.

(3) “Device” means any of the following brand new wireless devices: Galaxy Note 8, S8, S8+, S9, and S9+.

(4) “Accidental Device Damage” means damage that occurs to Your Device during normal use resulting from failure of The Cellairis Bundle to protect Your Device. Accidental Device Damage shall include the following: (i) Rapture® case; (ii) Shell Shock® tempered screen protector; (iii) screen repair; (iv) microphone; (v) buttons; (vi) built in camera; (vii) charging ports; (viii) speakers; and (ix) headphone port. Accidental Device Damage does not mean water damage, as that is NOT covered by our Limited Warranty, and there are other events and examples of what is not covered below (See the section on “What Is Not Covered”).


WHAT MAKES UP THE CELLAIRIS BUNDLE : “The Cellairis Bundle” means the Rapture® Case and Shell Shock® Screen Protector purchased for Your Device.

HOW LONG IS THE LIMITED WARRANTY? The “Term” of the Limited Warranty is for 36 months from the agreed upon start date. In the event Your Device is in the process of being serviced by one of the independently owned and operated Samsung authorized repair centers when the 36 month period expires, then do not worry, the repair will still be finished and covered under the Limited Warranty. In the event the Device cannot be repaired and a new Device is obtained by You, as described below, then the term on the replaced device would be the remaining time left from the 36 month start date. For purposes of an example, if the start date for the Device was June 1, 2018, and the Device was replaced on June 1, 2019, then there would be 24 more months remaining on the Limited Warranty for the replaced device.

HOW DOES THE LIMITED WARRANTY WORK? Once You install The Cellairis Bundle onto Your Device and We are provided the necessary registration information, then Your Device will qualify for the Limited Warranty.

WHAT HAPPENS IF MY DEVICE BREAKS? Here is the good news and why You purchased The Cellairis Bundle! Once You have installed The Cellairis Bundle, if Accidental Device Damage occurs during the term of this Limited Warranty, then all you need to do is call 1-877-445-9579 and We will schedule a repair appointment for You at one of Samsung’s authorized repair centers, which repair will be done at no cost to You for any of the Accidental Device Damages! We will also replace, at no cost to You, the screen protector and the protective case for the Device. But remember, for the repair to be covered, the Accidental Device Damage must have happened while The Cellairis Bundle was installed on the Device. Parts will be replaced with those of like kind and quality manufactured by the manufacturer of the Device or manufacturer of The Cellairis Bundle components. You are responsible to backup all Device software and data prior to commencement of repair . In the event the Device has damage that is not one of the items that are covered under Accidental Device Damage, then the Samsung authorized repair center may still be able to fix Your Device, but it will not be free, and the cost will be determined by the independently owned and operated retail center that is performing the repair on Your Device and You will need to pay that retail location for the cost of any damage that is not covered under this Limited Warranty.

WHAT HAPPENS IF JUST THE SCREEN PROTECTOR BREAKS AND NOT THE DEVICE? If just the Shell Shock® screen protector breaks, then one of the independently owned and operated Samsung authorized repair centers will replace the Shell Shock® screen protector at no cost to You.

WHAT HAPPENS IF JUST THE PROTECTIVE CASE BREAKS AND NOT THE DEVICE? If just the Rapture® case breaks, then one of the independently owned and operated Samsung authorized repair centers will replace the Rapture® case at no cost to You. Remember, the Rapture® case will only be replaced for free if the function of the case is an issue, or if the case actually breaks. It will not be replaced if the case is just scratched or marked or if You just want something different.

WHAT HAPPENS IF BOTH THE SCREEN PROTECTOR AND CASE BREAK BUT NOT THE DEVICE? If both items of The Cellairis Bundle break, then one of the independently owned and operated Samsung authorized repair centers will replace both of the items at no cost to You as detailed above.

WHAT HAPPENS IF THE DEVICE CANNOT BE REPAIRED? If the independently owned and operated Samsung authorized repair center determines that the Device cannot be repaired, if parts are no longer available, or if parts have been discontinued by the manufacturer, then the Device will not be repaired. However, in the event You get a replacement device, which device will not be provided by either Us or the authorized Samsung repair center, then in that event, the term on the replaced device would be the remaining time from the 36 month start date for the Device being replaced. This transfer of the remaining term of the Limited Warranty will be in place of a repair. If You replace the Device then the replaced device will also get a new Rapture® case and a new Shell Shock® screen protector, which will be shipped to You after You call 1-877-445-9579, and provide Us Your mailing information. You will receive the new Rapture case and new Shell Shock screen protector within 5-10 business days of our receiving Your information. Delays may be experienced in the case of wrong information being reported to Us.

DO YOU PROVIDE A MAIL IN OPTION? YES! If Your Device breaks and You do not live near an independently owned and operated Samsung authorized repair center or if You are unable to visit an authorized repair center for any reason, then this Limited Warranty still applies. You need to follow these simple steps: (i) Contact our Customer Service Department at 1-877-445-9579 or by email at to obtain Your mail in form and shipping label; (ii) contact UPS to schedule a pick-up time that is convenient to you or go to a UPS drop off box or UPS store and drop off the package so it can get to Us; (iii) pack Your Device securely, and make sure The Cellairis Bundle is on Your Device (screen protector and protective case); and (iv) print off a copy of the form that is provided to You by the customer service agent and put the pre-paid UPS label on the outside of the box. Once we get Your device we will have the device repaired and send it back to You through UPS so that you have it back. If the device needs additional service or it cannot be repaired then a customer service agent will contact You to discuss all Your options. You assume the risk of loss during shipment, so please make sure all instructions are followed.


WHAT IS NOT COVERED : This Limited Warranty does not apply to: (1) water damage; (2) Device repairs that are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty or are a result of a recall, regardless of the manufacturer’s ability to pay for such repairs; (3) cleaning; periodic checkups; preventive maintenance; (4) any and all pre-existing conditions that occur prior to the effective date of the agreed upon start date of the Limited Warranty; (5) damage from abuse, misuse, mishandling, or introduction of foreign objects into the Device; (6) unauthorized modifications or alterations to the Device; (7) failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions; (8) third party actions; (9) fire; (10) theft; (11) insects or animals; (12) exposure to weather; windstorm; sand; dirt; hail; earthquake; flood; water; (13) acts of God or consequential loss of any nature; (14) loss or damage caused by war; invasion; act of foreign enemy; hostilities; civil war; rebellion; riot; strike; labor disturbance; lockout; or civil commotion; (15) incidental, consequential or secondary damages or delay in rendering service; (16) loss of use during the period that the Device is at an authorized service center or awaiting parts; (17) non-functional or aesthetic parts including but not limited to plastic parts, scratches, peeling and dents; (18) unauthorized repairs and/or parts; (19) accessories used in conjunction with a Device; (20) any issues relating to the software of the Device; (21) any other loss other than Accidental Device Damage; (22) service where no problem can be found; (23) Device breakage that is not reported during the Term; (24) additional exclusions specific to Your Device; and (25) any damage that occurs when both elements of The Cellairis Bundle were not being used at the same time.

CAN THIS LIMITED WARRANTY BE RENEWED? No, the Term of this Limited Warranty cannot be renewed.

CAN THIS Limited WARRANTY BE transferred TO SOMEONE ELSE? No; however, the Limited Warranty is transferable to other employees within the company that are using the same covered. The registration is tied to the specific identifying unique serial number or other unique number associated with each individual Device. Nothing in these terms and conditions shall replace the manufacturer’s warranty, except as noted above.

WHAT IS THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF MONEY WE ARE LIABLE FOR IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG : Our limit of liability for Your Device under this Limited Warranty is the cost of authorized repairs, or replacement as determined by Us, with a device of like quality and similar features. IN NO EVENT SHALL WE OR ANY OF OUR AGENTS BE LIABLE FOR SPECIAL, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES WHETHER IN CONTRACT, TORT, OR NEGLIGENCE. Some States do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to You.

CAN I CANCEL THIS LIMITED WARRANTY? No! This Limited Warranty cannot be cancelled or refunded after registration because it was given to You at no charge. We may only cancel this Agreement for the following reasons: fraud or material misrepresentation. If We cancel this Agreement, we will provide You with written notice of cancellation listing the reason for such cancellation not later than 15 days before the effective date of termination.

WHAT LAW GOVERNS THIS LIMITED WARRANTY? This Limited Warranty is governed by Georgia law. This Limited Warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other legal rights which may vary from State to State.