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iPhone Repair
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Seffner iPhone Repair

Cellairis is proud to offer the most exceptional iPhone repair services to the residents of Seffner, Florida. When it comes to repairing your iPhone, Cellairis is known for giving customers the highest standard in customer service by using only quality tested replacement parts that are backed by the leading warranty in the industry. We understand that you are dependent on your iPhone for many areas of your life, and we are proud to let you know that most standard iPhone repairs can be completed in just minutes while you wait.


Our technicians are certified and highly trained to keep up with the latest changes in iPhone technology as newer models are released. As well as our outstanding repair services, Cellairis also offers a buyback program that gives customers fast cash for old cell phones and tablets. You can simply bring in your device and leave with money in your pocket, so keep that in mind when the opportunity for an upgrade becomes available. Call Cellairis now to schedule an appointment so that one of our technicians will be ready for you when you get here, or simply stop by one of our convenient locations today.

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Same Day Appointments Same Day Repairs

When your phone breaks, you don't want it fixed tomorrow you need it fixed today.

Low Price Guarantee Low Price Guarantee

Repairing beats replacing, and Cellairis beats all other phone repair companies with a guaranteed lowest price and speedy, professional service.

Superior Warranty Superior Warranty

Stronger than any phone case, Cellairis offers the most reliable warranty on the market.

We can fix it almost as fast as you can break it.
We don't do waiting rooms.

We do fast phone repair. In most cases, technicians will be able to repair your device in just minutes, and if it's a phone screen accident you need us to make Un-Happen, we'll normally get your phone in and out in 45 minutes or less.

iPhone Screen Repair or Replacement

Needing an iPhone screen repair or replacement may seem like an extra hassle in your day that you have to deal with, but Cellairis is the name that Seffner turns to for quality and timely results. A cracked LCD screen can cause lines to run across your screen or for your touchscreen capabilities to no longer function properly, and a shattered glass can make it difficult to see the details in your important texts and emails.


Cellairis is the most reputable provider for iPhone screen repair or replacement. Our techs are certified professionals who back all that they do with our outstanding warranty. Cellairis is also a major retailer of cases and accessories to help you personalize and protect your device. We look forward to assisting you with the highest level of service. Call ahead to set up an appointment or simply walk in to your nearest Cellairis store. Your iPhone screen repair or replacement can be done with ultimate precision in just minutes. Cellairis is here for you.

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4.8 stars - based on 6,423 reviews
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You can be the owner without feeling like you’re all on your own. Learn about the world-class support Cellairis franchisees enjoy.

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